QuCoLiMa Talk – Frank Pollmann – Entanglement Transitions in Unitary Circuit Games

Datum: 18. Juli 2023Zeit: 12:00 – 13:00Ort: On-site in Erlangen and livestream via Zoom


Frank Pollmann - TU München


Entanglement Transitions in Unitary Circuit Games


Repeated projective measurements in unitary circuits can lead to an entanglement phase transition as the measurement rate is tuned. In this work, we consider a different setting in which the projective measurements are replaced by dynamically chosen unitary gates that minimize the entanglement. This can be seen as a one-dimensional unitary circuit game in which two players get to place unitary gates on randomly assigned bonds at different rates: The “entangler” applies a random local unitary gate with the aim of generating extensive (volume law) entanglement. The “disentangler”, based on limited knowledge about the state, chooses a unitary gate to reduce the entanglement entropy on the assigned bond with the goal of limiting to only finite (area law) entanglement. In order to elucidate the resulting entanglement dynamics, we consider three different scenarios: (i) a classical discrete height model, (ii) a Clifford circuit, and (iii) a general Haar random unitary circuit. We find that both the classical and Clifford circuit models exhibit phase transitions as a function of the rate that the disentangler places a gate, which have similar properties that can be understood through a connection to the stochastic Fredkin chain. In contrast, the “entangler” always wins when using Haar random unitary gates and we observe extensive, volume law entanglement for all non-zero rates of entangling.



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18. Juli 2023
12:00 – 13:00

On-site in Erlangen and livestream via Zoom