QuCoLiMa Talk - Stefanie Barz - Quantum photonics: interference beyond HOM, entanglement, and quantum networks

Jan 31
31. Januar 2023 12:00 Uhr bis 13:00 Uhr
Talk on-site in Saarbrücken in "Konferenzraum Informatik" and livestream via Zoom


Stefanie Barz – Univ. of Stuttgart


Quantum photonics: interference beyond HOM, entanglement, and quantum networks


Talk on-site in Saarbrücken

All talks – regardless of where the talks are given – are livestreamed via Zoom and can also be watched together at the following locations:

– Erlangen: Livestream/Presentation in lecture hall F + open sandwiches in the foyer afterwards

– Saarbrücken: Livestream/Presentation in Konferenzraum Informatik (Geb. E1.1, Room 407)

– Mainz: tba

Zoom-Link: http://www.qucolima.de/join-qucolima-talk<http://www.qucolima.de/join-qucolima-talk>


„I will start by introducing the key principles of photonic quantum technologies, and then show a series of recent results on different aspects of those. Starting with quantum optics and quantum foundations, I will then introduce experiments on quantum networks both on the hardware and software side.

In particular, I will first be talking about quantum interference – a central ingredient of photonic quantum technologies. I will discuss novel aspects quantum interference and demonstrate how two fundamental properties of quantum states, distinguishability and mixedness, impact the interference of multiple single photons. I will then show how we can exploit interference of single photons to generate multipartite entangled quantum states and present a novel method that allows switching between different types of states by just local single-photon operations.

Second, I will show how photon interference and entangled states can be used in quantum networks. I will talk about a crucial component of a photonic quantum network: Bell-state measurements and report on an experimental demonstration of a scheme that allows obtaining a success probability of more than 50%. Finally, I will show multipartite entanglement can lead to an advantage in networked quantum communication.“

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