Promotionsvortrag Physik: "Ultrashort mid-infrared pulse generation in soft-glass fibre laser system"

Jul 17
17. Juli 2020 13:30 Uhr bis 14:30 Uhr
Ort: Bibliothek A 2.500, Max-Planck-Institut für die Physik des Lichts, Staudtstr. 2, Erlangen

Ankündigung des Promotionsvortrags von Jiapeng Huang

Pulsed mid-infrared (mid-IR) light sources with simultaneously high average power, ultrashort pulse duration and MHz-rate pulse repetition rate are of great interest in molecular spectroscopy, gas detection, frequency metrology and laser surgery. Moreover, with the development of soft-glass fibre, such as ZBLAN and chalcogenide glass fibre, these mid-IR fibre lasers are able to work beyond the silica transmission window, lasing in the wavelength region between 2.7 micron and 4 micron. However, due to the lack of dispersion-compensation elements or fibres in this region, all previously-reported fibre lasers operated in the soliton or average-soliton region, clamping the pulse energy and limiting the shortest pulse duration.
This talk is concerned with transient dynamics of laser solitons, revealing an energy clamping effect in the mid-IR mode-locked fibre laser. It also describes the development of a dispersion-compensation element at mid-IR wavelengths to improve the performance of a mid-IR fibre laser system, shortening the laser pulse duration to the sub-two-cycle region. In additional studies, Raman red-shift solitons and supercontinuum generation are also produced in various soft-glass fibres, exploring the full potential of soft-glass fibres in mid-IR applications.

(Vortrag auf Englisch)

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