Promotionsvortrag Physik: Nonclassical light emitted by quantum dots and their clusters

Feb 25
25. Februar 2019 13:30 Uhr bis 14:30 Uhr
Raum: SR A. 1.500, Max-Planck-Institut f. d. Physik des Lichts, Staudtstraße 2, Erlangen

Einladung zum Promotionsvortrag von Herrn Luo Qi:
„Nonclassical light emitted by quantum dots and their clusters“

Non-classical light have broad applications in quantum information science, e.g. protocols of quantum communication, quantum computation, etc. Besides, nonclassical light can help in beating the classical limit in metrology. This talk reports our experimental results of characterizing the non-classical photon statistical features of multi-photon light emitted by clusters of single-photon emitters. As signatures of non-classicality, we use violation of inequalities, which represent necessary conditions of classical light, for normalized correlation functions of different orders or the probabilities of multi-photon detection. In particular, for clusters of 2–14 CdSe/CdS colloidal quantum dots we observe anti-bunching and non-classicality of up to the 4th-order. Interestingly, violation of certain classical inequalities gets even more pronounced for larger clusters and for
higher orders. The determination of non-classicality confirms the application potential of this “cluster-type” multi-photon source. Moreover, the application of the intensified CCD (ICCD) camera to measure singlephotons requires the recalibration of the quantum efficiency (QE) of the ICCD camera in the real single-photon detection regime. Our experimental results with using the Klyshko’s method are also reported in this talk. (Vortrag auf Englisch)

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