Promotionsvortrag Physik: Hierarchical quantum master equation approaches to nonequilibrium charge transport through single-molecule junctions

Mrz 21
21. März 2019 09:00 Uhr bis 10:00 Uhr
Raum SR 00.103, Angewandte Physik, Staudtstraße 7, Erlangen

Einladung zum Promotionsvortrag von Herrn Christian Schinabeck:
„Hierarchical quantum master equation approaches to nonequilibrium charge transport through single-molecule junctions“

Characterizing and controlling the electronic transport properties of nanosystems is of technological as well as fundamental scientific interest.
In this talk, we investigate electron transport through single-molecule junctions, which comprise a molecule coupled to electrodes. Single-molecule junctions, which are considered as promising candidates for future electronic components in the field of molecular electronics, provide the ideal testbed for nonequilibrium quantum physics at the nanoscale. We focus on transport phenomena induced by the intricate interplay between electronic and vibrational (nuclear) degrees of freedom. To this end, the hierarchical quantum master equation approach is applied, which allows a systematic convergence of the reduced dynamics of open quantum systems. We extend this method to the evaluation of current fluctuations in the framework of full counting statistics. Our model-based studies demonstrate that the nonequilibrium vibrational excitation significantly influences the transport characteristics of a single-molecule contact in a wide range of parameters. In particular, in the off-resonant transport regime, the inelastic correction to the current exhibits strong deviations from the prediction for a thermally equilibrated vibration. Studying the current fluctuations in the regime of strong electronic-vibrational coupling, we find signatures reflecting the complex interplay of inelastic cotunneling processes and resonant avalanches. (Vortrag auf Englisch)

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