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Physikalisches Kolloquium: Tests of Bell's Inequality: Experiments and Loopholes; Dr. Wenjamin Rosenfeld, LMU München

Mai 15
15. Mai 2017 16:15 Uhr bis 17:45 Uhr
Hörsaal E, Staudstr. 5, 91058 Erlangen

Vortrag von Dr. Wenjamin Rosenfeld von der LMU München:
Tests of Bell’s Inequality: Experiments and Loopholes

Bell’s inequality allows testing experimentally whether nature can be described in a local-realistic way by measuring correlations between two separated systems. While being conceptually simple, such tests set very stringent experimental requirements in order to avoid introducing additional assumptions and thereby opening “loopholes” for possible local-realistic descriptions. From the discovery of Bell’s inequality in 1964 it thus took more than 50 years of experimental development until such tests became possible.
After making an introduction to the topic I will present our approach for closing the major experimental loopholes. It is based on heralded entanglement of single trapped Rb atoms over a large distance combined with a highly reliable and fast readout of their internal spin state.
Our results show a clear violation allowing to exclude local-realistic theories with a very high level of significance. Beyond their fundamental importance, tests of Bell’s inequality also form the basis for novel communication methods like device-independent quantum key distribution or generation of random numbers.

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Einladender: Prof. Dr. Markus Weber
Kontakt: Prof. Dr. N. Lindlein